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I wanted to give a quick tip this week. I mean quick because me and my wife are in the process of moving. We are moving to Clayton, NC. I will be serving the Church At Clayton Crossings as Associate Pastor (Student Ministry). We are so excited about this move!

While setting up our truck rental at Penske I found a really cool tool that is powered by and I just had to share.

Moving is tough because there is so much to do with set up prior to moving. Updater is a great tool that helps in making your move a little easier.

What is Updater?

Updater’s mission is to simplify the way we move. In addition to being America’s favorite change of address website, we continue to offer new and innovative features that fundamentally change the relocation process — making it easier and more efficient.

Screenshot 2014-05-21 17.23.511.Updater is the only site that lets you file your USPS change of address form for free, using your phone to verify your identity.

2.Send secure address change notifications to any business, organization, or publication with the click of a button

3.Conveniently schedule utilities, such as cable, internet and electric and lock in the best rates.


What I have appreciate from Updater

1. Love the free option for change of address.

Last time we moved we actually paid a fee to USPS to get mail forwarded. So free is always nice.



2. I really like how updater let’s you inform your friends and family about your move.

Updater links to your contacts and will send out a nice template email to the contacts of your choosing. Updater also links to your social networks and will post updates about your move. Lastly I love how updater gives you a  personal moving site.

Check out my moving site here!



3. Helpful information- Updater also has info on DMV information for each state which is really helpful.


I am really glad that I found this tool it has saved me some time and a little money. So if you have a upcoming move I recommend checking out Updater.


Comments and Thoughts

Do you have some awesome moving tips you would like to share? 


Originally posted 2014-05-21 18:51:06.