Adobe Slate: A better way to present your stuff

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8 Adobe's Slate

Each year in our student ministry we do a state of the student ministry. I am always looking for creative ways to show our students the highlights and accomplishments we had in the previous year. In this post we will look at a great app from adobe called slate.

Adobe has been putting out great software for years and recently they have been branching out. Adobe’s slate is a great program that allows you to create awesome presentations.

Create and share beautiful visual stories

Turn your next newsletter, report, invitation or travel adventure into a gorgeous visual story.

Some things I like about Slate

1.Easy to use

Slate is pretty simple to use. Slate has premade themes to get you started and then you just drop in your text and media and it helps you with the rest.

2. Sharing

Slate makes it real simple to share with social media outlets like twitter and facebook. Slate also allows you to email your presentation to others or embed on your website.

Some things I don’t like about Slate

1.Minimal themes

The themes slate provides are very clean and nice. I feel they need some more choices. I am sure that in time that more themes will come.

2. No download

I love the share features slate offers but I wish they had a download feature where you can show when your not online.

If your interested in checking out slate

Here is the one I did



Originally posted 2016-01-06 08:00:00.