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If your looking for a great gift idea the coin is something you should check out. You can preorder it now and it will arrive this summer that’s the only down side to it. From what I can tell this card links all your cards via its card swiper. Check out this video to see it in action.





The people behind Coin have a passion for building products that simplify, improve and fit seamlessly into your life. We believe that even a minor change in thinking can reap big rewards.

At Coin we know there is plenty to worry about, too much clutter and not enough time. For some it’s a fact of life. For us it’s inspiring.

The Coin team is comprised of consumer electronics experts, designers, software engineers and a former NASA engineer to boot. Something we mention at parties all the time.

We believe Coin is a substantial improvement on how you interact with, and use, cards that have a magnetic stripe.

Whenever you use a card we want to be there. Or whenever you’re having a good time. Or flying in a helicopter.


The only concern for me is security with a tool like this. According to a article on Yahoo Finance

On Security

“Coin is safer than a normal piece of plastic,” says Parashar. “If you leave it behind it will lock up. On the mobile app when you try to add cards you’ll only be able to add your own cards and there will be a pin protection on any sensitive data.”

Coin will also employ 256- and 128-bit encryption on the device, phone, and server.

As for the added security of a signature on the back of a credit card, Parashar says Coin is planning to add that as well. “In the future, we’re going to put your identity on the card. Your name is going to be on it, your signature is going to be on it so merchants will know it’s you who has the card.”


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