Slip Proof Anything


Have you ever had something that you needed to slip proof? If so these rubber liners are perfect. My wife is a classical guitarist and a little trick they have to keep their guitars from sliding on their legs are these little liners. I recently went on a deep-sea fishing trip and to keep their commonly used tools in place on the rocky bout was you guessed it. The great thing about these little liners is they are easy to pack, cheap and you can cut them to any size you need for whatever slippery situation you’re in.



I know you have seen all the slip proof inventions that are for sale for your gps and smart phones for your cars. Save your $15 and go and buy a roll of this stuff . You can find it in any shopping store for less than $5. A great idea is to even keep a nice cut sized piece of this in your gig bag.



Other uses

– iPhone slip proof for your car

– a coaster for your drinks

– place mats for your plates

Originally posted 2013-07-24 21:34:05.