Earn Money Working Out!

I found this neat little app called Gympact. I was actually on facebook and saw the ad and checked it out.i guess those ads work! I was already going to the gym faithfully so I thought why not try it. So far I have done 14 workouts and have earned a little over $8 by just checking in and working out. Gympact is connected to runkeeper and works well with the app so it’s great for runners too. The app works off location services to make sure your at the gym. You have to stay at the location at least 30 mins so no driving to the gym while eating fastfood and checking in. You can also workout at work or home with GymPact Anywhere, which uses your iPhone’s accelerometer to count any active type of exercise.

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Snippet from FAQ section of GYMPACT site.

What happens if I want to go on vacation?

The goal of our program is to keep you motivated, fit and healthy, and we believe that taking occasional breaks is an important part of a healthy life. Thisvideo shows you how to schedule a break and how to cancel your break [ Video ].

What happens if I get injured or sick?

If you ever run into medical issues, just ask your doctor or employer to email medical@gym-pact.com for their work address. You’ll be exempt from your Pact until you are better.

If you miss a workout you pay for it! You can start off with a pact of $5 for a missed workout and it maxes out at $50. I am not sure of the algorithm they use but it’s averaging about 50 cents a workout. I actually just increased my pact to $50 for a missed workout while writing this review so I can see how much the amount increases for pay out.

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Gympact is a new company that seems to have a heart to motivate people to become healthier. What a great way to help others and create a amazing product. Gympact gives 24 hours after a workout to dispute it if there are any problems. Lastly I wondered how they are paying all these people to workout.

Where do my monetary stakes go?

To the GymPacters who made it to the gym! Every week, we will pay out cash rewards to those who met their Pact from the Stakes paid by people who didn’t quite make it. Rewards can be cashed out via Paypal. We think if you put real money on the line, you should get real rewards.

Gympact has really thought the loopholes through I am sure some may be found but the beauty in a app is it can be easily modified to make the product better.

I am hoping to keep making the $ on my workouts I plan on using the funds I make as my running shoe replacement fund 🙂

If your looking for some motivation on getting to the gym or starting that workout you should download the app right now. Do it. Don’t wait. Here is the link


download it!


Originally posted 2013-06-19 15:00:16.