Journal Talk: Devotional Journaling and the S.O.A.P. Method

This week I wanted to share Nathan Ohren’s podcast Journal talk. Nathan reached out to me back in February after reading one of my articles. I am really glad he reached out too. I wanted to share his episode with us talking about devotional journaling. It was such a joy to be on his show and get to know Nathan.  Nathan has a great resource for those highly involved in journaling or just starting out.

You can find Nathan’s website at

Info  about the S.O.A.P. Method

S- Substance, Source or Scripture

O – Observe

A- Application

P- Prayer

S.O.A.P. – is a great way to structure your thoughts for journaling.

S.O.A.P originated from a Pastor in Honolulu Wayne Cordeiro.

Do you Journal? If so what methods help you?


Originally posted 2014-07-02 10:50:43.