Business Cards Managed Better

Recently I noticed a great feature on Evernote’s app the business card scanner. Once I discovered this handy feature I had to share. Under the camera button to add a note into evernote you can slide over and choose business card. The video above  shows just  how easy and simple this amazing feature is to use.


What I love about this business card app feature

1. Perfect cropping of business card

2. Linkedin connection

3. No more forgetting where you placed that business card

4. Adds contact to your contacts on mobile device

( Evernote Settings > Business Cards > Save to Contacts )

 note:If you’re a Free user, you’ll be able to test this feature out on five business cards. Premium users get unlimited access to Business Card Scanning.

Do you use this feature in Evernote?

What other ways do you use evernote for gathering information.?

Originally posted 2014-05-07 16:02:47.