Spotify vs. Apple Music

Ok so I love music and I love apple products. When the announcement was made about apple getting in the game of real deal streaming services I was very excited. So my excitement only grew once I heard the first three months were going to be free too. It now has been 6 weeks since I have been using apple music. In this post I will list my experience using Apple Music and the pros and cons of each service. So let the Spotify vs. Apple Music showdown begin.

Before apple music I have been heavily using spotify. I can’t tell you the last time I bought an album due to the service that spotify provides. I go through different phases of music genre so being able to subscribe and listen to various artist is a huge factor for me. Spotify and their streaming service has allowed me to broaden my ability to find new artists and new music. Before the subscription services in order to hear a new artist or get exposed to their music you had to have heard it on the radio or be told by a friend.

I have loved the free 3 months of Apple music. The free trial has given me the opportunity to try out the service. I have found from it use some pros and also some cons.

Pros Of Apple Music 

1. Integration with iPhone – it has the ability to work nice with Siri. Love the feature of play more artist like this or play artist etc.

2. Artists –  Apple has awesome relationships with artist (except I guess Taylor Swift). This is due to iTunes and the market they have created for artists.

3. Social Aspects of Artist – I love the feature of how the artist have a stream of activity; video’s of album projects, info on tours etc.

4. Beautiful Artist Graphics – Apple has done a great job at making each artist screen personalized. The interface almost draws you in.

5. Family Pricing – Thank you Apple $14.99 for up to 6 people


Cons Of Apple Music 

1. Issues with bluetooth headphone functionality.

2. Building playlist seems sluggish and not smooth

3. Navigation


Pros Of Spotify

1. Huge Artist library

2. Great sharing settings to post on social media, embed playlist, sharing playlist with others

3. Great Spotify Playlist – Running playlist that plays music based on your running temp, spotify sessions and playlist based on moods

4. Simple interface, simple navigation and ease of use

5. Works amazing with bluetooth headsets and products


Cons Of Spotify 

1. Family pricing is more expensive – $14.99 for two users per month, $19.99 for three, $24.99 for four, and all the way up to $29.99 for all five users.

2. Artist engagement is very little and almost absent

3. No siri engagement


Bottom Line

Right now I plan on sticking with Spotify. I believe Apple was late in the game on the streaming side of things and they have some things to work out. I have found myself while in the trial phase of Apple Music naturally going back to Spotify.  The factors that have sold me with Spotify are:

1. Ability to Embed and share Playlist – this is important to me as a student pastor because I can share semester music with our student praise team.

2. Plays nice with bluetooth devices – I love to listen to music while I am out on a run. I have the LG talk atones headphones and just love them. For more about the headphones check out this post. 

3. Ease Of Use – The navigation is simple and easy to use


What has been your experience ? What are the pro’s and con’s you see on both services ?




Originally posted 2015-08-13 06:59:44.