A Better Way To Get RSVP’s

About a year and a half ago I was hosting a event for a non profit that required rsvp to our event. I tried everything from posting on social media circles, sending emails, mailing and even putting flyers on 1500 chick fila bags that were handed out of the drive thru. My results were terrible because only 20 people RSVP for the event.

After that event I was convinced there had to be a easy way. So when I started planning the next event my search was on. I came across an awesome resource called eventbrite. Eventbrite helps you with all your event needs.

Some things I love about Eventbrite

Marketing Potential
I loved the interaction eventbrite has with social media. Once a person signs up for your event they have the option to share with their social circles. Free marketing! Also eventbrite keeps your event in their system so when people are looking for events your event can be seen.

Eventbrite does a great job at allowing you to customize your sign up forms to give it your look. Eventbrite also has a state of the art form system that offers limitless options.

Eventbrite helps you manage all your RSVP’s with a breeze by collaborating them in a list form where it can also be exported to a csv file if needed. Eventbrite also allows event reminders to your RSVP’s and follow up features too.

To host a event on eventbrite the cost is free! The only way that eventbrite makes money is if your event is a charged event and you decide to use their system to handle payments. It is optional! You can still use eventbrite for paid events and choose pay at the door option and use any preferred method.



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Comments and Thoughts

Have you used Eventbrite? If so how has it helped your events? 

What methods have you used to see success for your events ? 

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