Vlog 2 Orange Conference 2016

Here is my second vlog. This vlog is my trip to the Orange Conference in Atlanta. This year’s theme was “Monday Is Coming.” What I loved about the theme was it simply reminded you to look beyond the one hour you have each week on Sunday or Wednesday’s. Monday is the first day of the week where those individuals who attend your church life begins.  The theme “Monday Is Coming” encouraged me to use the Sunday’s and Wednesday’s I have with our students to be a launch pad for the week. The theme challenged me to thank more about each person that walks through our student ministry in a different light. The conference also made me ask the question ” Are you equipping and resourcing students to be prepared for Monday ? ”

My Top Takeaways From Orange 2016

1.Schedule Solitude

From  breakout session – Caring For The Private Side Of A Monday-Saturday Leader For A healthy Sunday Doug Fields


2. Choose to be  Authentic Romans 12:2 NLT 

Idiots guide to avoid connection 
                                Distance – you control the environment
                                Dictate – Control the conversation
                                Disengage – Control The Story
                                Delay – Control the time
                                Distract – control the direction
                                Disparage – control the person

From breakout session – Choices That Will Change Your Leadership by Craig Jutila


3. Measure What You Value 

If you value – personal growth & involvement – someone serving , giving , inviting & investing find ways to measure. An Example he gave from his group was their value in small group leaders involvement. Tom shared in order to determine one way of small group leaders involvement they measured the amount of small group leaders they took to camp and also what ratios of their groups went. Measuring attendance will not let you know if Sunday is working it will just let you know how many showed up. 


From breakout session – How to know if Sunday is working -Tom Schefunas

4. You have to imagine someone has a Monday before you can reimagine what happened on Sunday 

Sunday doesn’t have to be
  • boring
  • Superficial
  • Irrelevant
  • Exclusive
  • Disconnected
Sunday Mindset 
– you think about what happens one hour or show up , you fill the room with a person
– say what you want to hear
– Challenge leaders to promote weekend programs
Monday Mindset 
– you think about the entire week , you put people in place that are present
-challenge  leaders to champion weekly values
How to be more Monday minded 
– Strategy matters
– Every family matters
– Doing Good Matters
On Sunday grace is expected
On Monday grace is a surprise

Monday is coming and everyone is watching  -Jon Acuff

We can’t just teach them what to believe on Sunday we have to teach them to serve on Monday
A minister is someone who sees a need -Doug Fields

From Big Group Sessions Reggie Joiner , Doug Fields & Jon Acuff

5. 3 Ways to Crush all the goals you set – Jon Acuff

1. We Need To Pick The Right Goals
2. Be Able To Answer Why Are You Doing It ?
3. Progress You Don’t Measure Doesn’t Exist 
Learn from people 10 years ahead & 10 years behind – Jon Acuff
If you build something your not passionate about then all you get to do is to be fake more often – Jon Acuff
Ignore Comparison

From breakout session – 3 Ways to Crush all the goals you set – Jon Acuff


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