Started A Juice Fast

Started A Juice Fast

From the Inspiration from The Documentary Fat Sick And Nearly Dead

Recently I started a juice fast. You’re probably asking ” why ?” In this post we I will share why I begin the juice fast and share my results from it.

All my life I have struggled with staying thin and with that I have tried my share of dieting. Some of those diets did great a getting the weight off but did poorly at helping me keep the weight off. When I say a lot of diets I mean a lot of diets from counting calories, Atkins, bulletproof diet, carb nite, to intermittent fasting. About six months ago Dana and I moved and with that created a ripple in my day to day rhythm. Moves can be excited with a lot of newnesses but also some stress. With my move I found myself being very busy in starting my new job to learning my area. With the move, I became lax with my diet and exercise.

The weight slowly begins to climb. When I went to the doctor for a common cold, and they noticed my blood pressure was up it was a wake-up call. The doctor prescribed me to blood pressure medicine and told me to come back for a follow-up to see how my body responded to the medication. After the follow up visit the doctor noticed that my heartbeat was abnormal and issued all types of tests from an EKG, stress tests and a sleep test. From my sleep test, the doctors diagnosed me with sleep apnea. So now I am on high blood pressure med and have a CPAP. This was a wake-up call for me.

So I decided to go back to the knowledge I developed to lose weight and guess what the weight didn’t budge. Usually, when I made up my mind to lose weight, I would have no problem losing weight. Losing wight has become a challenge as I have gotten older. I found myself failing at losing weight using the methods and fad diets I knew. So this left me frustrated. One night I was watching Netflix and came across the documentary “Fat, Sick And Nearly Dead” by Joe Cross. The documentary inspired me. In the documentary, Joe lost a ton of weight and overcame a skin disease that he developed.

So after the documentary, I made up my mind to try a juice fast. I figured I didn’t have anything to lose so why not give it a try. Nothing seemed to be working for me, and I was desperate. That next day I went out and bought my juicer and got the vegetables I needed to begin my journey. My goal for this fast is for 30 days.

My hope from the fast is that I will –
1. lose some weight
2. Develop better eating habits
3. Reboot my system

I will post along this journey to update my progress over the next few weeks. Joe Cross from the movie calls the juice fasts reboots his reasoning in this article on explains it well.

A Reboot offers you the chance to super boost your nutrient intake with loads of micronutrients, antioxidants and powerful plant compounds that offer rejuvenate powers for a strong healthy immune system, improved energy levels and easy weight loss. The Reboot offers so many physical and mental benefits. We often like to share the benefits that a Reboot offers such as; weight loss, improved energy levels, improved digestion, reduced appetite, improved skin, hair and nail health and lots more. See here for more detail on the full benefits of a Reboot! –

Our bodies unfortunately can get bogged down with unhealthy lifestyle factors that may contribute to poor health. A busy lifestyle, quick pre-made and processed foods, sugar, caffeine, alcohol, exposure to environmental pollutants, stress, poor sleep and lack of exercise can all contribute to feeling unwell, sluggish and tired.


I am hoping that my system will do just that and reboot to help me get into better health.


Fat Sick & Nearly Dead I decided to do a juice fast for 30 days.

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