Why Blog?

Why Blog ?
Have you asked yourself that? Why should I Blog? I have and wondered what’s the big deal with all the wordpress blogs popping up left and right. In this article, we will wrestle with this question and hopefully shed some light and come to an answer.

From Jeff Bullas ebook www.jeffbullas.com he gives some great answers to why you should consider starting a blog.

It can
• position you as a thought leader and expert
in your industry
• open doors to worldwide networking
• enable opportunities that you may never
have dreamed of
• sell your services and products while you
• create a platform to reach a global audience
• provide a publishing portal that will bring
freedom of expression and an opportunity to grow and learn. This will bring increased awareness and develop writing, publishing, creativity and new media skills
• be the means to an independent career and business
• offer global travel
• leverage your time and effort with powerful
tools and technologies

Maybe some of his reasons are appealing to you. If you can find something motivating from the benefits of blogging then you will have a driving force to create. In a previous article about innovation, I wrote discussing the value in innovation. Our world is starving for innovative leaders and blogging is a platform to create on a regular basis. Blogging is almost like charity because it gives to others. When a person blogs they are sharing and creating content that could possible help others. Helping others just makes you feel good. I believe it ‘s almost like we were created to help others.

Causes That Cripple Blogging

1. Fear – It cripples innovation and fear comes in all shapes and sizes.

2. Doubt – this can be overcome very quickly you know how? START. 🙂

3. Inadequacy – this gives you a to-do list of what to learn to become better

4. What others will think – this will actually help you produce better content.

5. Criticism – without it you can’t become better, but you need to determine if it is good or just hate.

6. The thought of not creating something new. The idea of everything has been created or said.

If you’re thinking this I have a quote that will shatter that thought.

I love this quote by

Henry Ford – “I invented nothing new, I simply assembled the discoveries of other men behind whom there was centuries of work”.

What an outlook Henry Ford had, a guy who is considered one of the best innovators this world has seen.

What is it that your passionate about ?

What is it that you could tap into to create centuries of work ? Is it health, tech, music, movies, finances, religion, politics etc ?

Whatever your passion is maybe it’s time to face your fears and begin your blog your platform to share your innovations and gifts to the world.

So to answer the question, Why Blog ? I would sum it up with it is a great way for you to share, give, connect and develop a new skill ?

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