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This video investigates the statistical probabilities of just 8 prophecies of Jesus Christ coming true. The research was done by Dr. Peter Stoner in his classic book “Science Speaks” and is available for free on the internet. Dr. Peter Stoner has shown Intelligent Faith through his research.

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Amazing Research by Dr. Peter Stoner

Tyre 1 in 7.5 x 107
Samaria 1 in 4 x 104
Gaza and Ashkelon 1 in 1.2 x 104
Jericho 1 in 2 x 105
The Golden Gate 1 in 103
Zion Plowed 1 in 102
Jerusalem Enlarged 1 in 8 x 1010
Palestine 1 in 2 x 105
Moab and Ammon 1 in 103
Edom 1 in 104
Babylon 1 in 5 x 109

The probability of these eleven prophecies coming true, if written in human wisdom, is now found by multiplying all of these probabilities together, and the result is 1 in 5.76 x 1059

Some will say that the estimates given in some of these prophecies are too large and should be reduced. Other may say that some of the prophecies are related and should have smaller estimates. That may be true, so I would suggest that such a person go back over the prophecies and make his own estimates. They will be found to be still large enough to be conclusive. He may add to the consideration other prophecies and estimate their probability of fulfillment. Use, for example, such prophecies as those referring to the city of Sidon (Ezek. 28:20-23); Capernaum and Bethsaida (Luke 10:13,15); the highway between Egypt and Assyria (Isa. 19:23-25); changes in Egypt (Ezek. 29:12-15; 30:13). I am sure there are more than enough fulfilled prophecies to establish the probability number given above even when the estimates are taken from the most conservative critic.

Others may say that these accounts in the Bible are not prophecies, but historical accounts written after the events happened. This is absurd, for all of these prophecies are found in the Old Testament, and every one dates its writing long before Christ. One of these prophecies was completely fulfilled before Christ. Two had small parts fulfilled before Christ, and the remaining parts after Christ. All other prophecies considered were completely fulfilled after Christ. If we were to strike out all estimates given for parts of prophecies fulfilled before Christ our probability number would still be so large that the strength of its argument could not be comprehended.

Let us try to visualize our probability of 1 in 5.76 x 1059. Let us round this off to 5 x 1059. Let us suppose that we had that number of silver dollars. What kind of a pile would this be?

The volume of the sun is more than 1,000,000 times that of the earth, yet out of 5 x 1059 silver dollars we could make 1028 solid silver balls the size of the sun.

Our group of stars, called our galaxy, comprises all of the stars which stay together in this one group. It is an extremely large group of at least 100,000,000,000 stars, each star averaging as large as our sun. At great distances from our galaxy are other galaxies similar to ours, containing about the same number of stars. If you were to count the 100,000,000,000 stars, counting 250 a minute, it would take you 1,000 years, counting day and night, and you would only have counted the stars in a single galaxy. (Note: All computations are only approximate and all numbers are expressed with only one or two digits.)

It has been estimated that the whole universe contains about two trillion galaxies, each containing about 100 billion stars. From our 5 x 1059 dollars we could make all of the stars, in all of these galaxies, 2 x 105 times.



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