The Process to become better

Have you ever wanted to become better at something? If your like me it is absolutely. Once you become better at one thing it becomes addicting and you begin to seek for other areas of improvement.

Maybe your motivation is a career change that requires a certain skill that you do not currently have. Maybe you just want to become better at one particular skill you have acquired. Being better is saying NO to normal and average and not accepted anything less than being your best. This post will give you a road map on how you can achieve your goals of becoming better.

Recently I had the chance to listen to the audio book titled The First 20 Hours – How to learn anything fast by Josh Kaufman. Through Josh’s book it challenged me to look at the process when achieving a particular goal. To accomplish anything there needs to be a process in place.

The Process of Becoming Better at anything

1. Choose a Skill – Josh Kaufman says it’s important to Focus on one skill at a time. By choosing a skill that your most passionate about it allows you to master that particular skill quicker. If you don’t begin with the skill your most passionate about you will eventually stop the learning process of that current skill and you will find yourself moving to the one you most care about.

2. Research the Skill
Find out as much as you can about the skill. This will allow motivation to set in and also give you some background info on where to start.

Josh Kaufman mentions a important step in acquiring a new skill is to know enough about the skill so that you can break it down into sub points to achieve it. Researching the skill will allow you to gain knowledge about what is required to achieve the outcome.

3. Find a resource to help you achieve your goal

Kaufman says “ Research, but not too much. Jump in. ”

Once you have chosen the skill you are wanting to acquire or to become better at find a resource to help you achieve the skill. If your goal is to become a better blogger, gamer, athlete, writer, or any skill. Jump on google and began a 20 minute search on the skill. Google will do a great job at bringing some of the best resources in that field. Kaufman says pick at least 3 sources for your project.

This will allow a great foundation for you to begin learning or improving your skill.

4. Place accountability in your life while achieving your goal

Josh Kaufman elaborates on the idea of “Finding Time” He says that the idea of finding time is a myth and that we must make time to do anything we want to achieve. He recommends that at least 90 minutes a day be given to the skill coming to a total of 20 hours to acquire a skill.

Ways to implement accountability.
1. Keep a log of recorded time spent on the skill.
2. Ask a friend to check in on you over the next few weeks. If you are a blogger start an article about it. This will allow your readers to serve as an accountability group.
3. Check out the app Lift a great little tool that allows you to form new habits or skills. Kinda of like a check in for accountability.

5. Have a way to measure your progress

In order to determine you are learning a new skill or becoming better you must have a measurement tool in place to give feedback. This can be done several different ways depending on the skill.

Video – will allow you to measure your progress in an visual way.

Audio – will allow you to measure your progress in an audible way.

Testing – create a type of testing on your knowledge for the skill.

Josh Kaufman ‘If you want to pick up a new skill, you must practice. There’s no other way. Make the time, and do the work. The only time you can choose to practice is today.”

6. Implement your new improved skill
After all the hard work has been done start using your new skill. Intentionally make ways to implement your skill as a sense of rewarding yourself.

Here is a audio link to Josh Kaufman’s book The First 20 Hours – How to learn anything fast


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