5 Books Every Student Minister Should Read

If you’re just starting out or consider yourself to be a veteran youth worker I hope this post will help you.We will look at 5 Books Every Student Minister Needs to Read.

1. How to communicate with teenagers By:Doug Fields and Duffy Robbins

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This is a great book packed with technical tools and great illustrations to help you implement them into your speaking and communication. Doug has been working with students for over 20 years and his expertise in the area comes out in the read. Doug did a great job of reminding the reader on how teenagers are a different audience when it comes to communication.

“Plus, if we spend time walking beside teenagers, then it’s more likely that they’ll be interested in what we have to say when we are speaking to them.”

Doug nails it! You must develop trust and relationships with students in student ministry before they ever begin to listen or communicate with you.

The main take away for me was some great tips in preparation and understanding communication with teenagers.

2. Simple Student Ministry By: Eric Geiger and Jeff Borton

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This book is a great read to remind you of the programs and purpose behind the ministry you run. It helps you answer the question of why you do what you do through your student ministry. Questions like ; is your purpose clear and simple, what is the system and process like.

” Students with routine faith are everywhere. And to combat the routine faith in the lives of our students, our programming must be designed to nudge students along in their journey and equip them to grow apart from our student ministry programming. “

If your looking for a book that challenges you to look at the byproduct of a student from your student ministry this book is for you. It will challenge you to really evaluate your process of discipling students.

3. Sustainable Youth Ministry By: Mark DeVries

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This is a great read for any veteran or rookie jumping into student ministry. The book is packed with amazing tools for creating a very detailed ministry. The book does a amazing job at challenging you to delegate and involve others in your church. This book encourages you to build leaders into the ministry shattering the old view of the super star student pastor.

” Like a light bulb attracts bugs, we expect the youth pastor to attract kids. When the youth pastor burns out, the kids go away, and the search for a new bulb beigns ( along with the hope that this one will last just a little bit longer. ” Wayne Rice and Miles McPherson

This quote is so true, this is what the mentality of most churches are today. If your struggling with trying to recruit leaders, minister students, inform parents and teach you should check out this book. It will help you, it will remind you that you can not do it alone.

The main take away for me is to learn to build a solid team, delegate so you can do more ministry. The book gives you amazing tools that are available at their website check it out. (www.ymarchitects.com)

4. First two years in youth ministry By: Doug Fields

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I am not sure really how to summarize this book other than read it. I saw that because it is just a great read. So many times as a student minister it is easy to feel like your on a island. This book is like sitting down with Doug Fields for a cup of coffee. Doug has been doing ministry for 20 plus years this guys has seen it from all levels. It is packed with encouragement and funny stories of doing student ministry. I can not tell you how many times I have recommended this book to anyone starting out in ministry. it is a great read and will show you there are others facing the same things your facing.

If you looking for a book to give interns or leaders in your student ministry or any tenure in student ministry.

For book 5 I am also going with a Doug Fields book purpose driven youth ministry.

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So thankful for Doug Fields out of the top 5 books I have read for student ministry 3 of his make the list. You can really tell he has a heart for Student Pastors. This is another book that will help you define your purpose in your programs and ministry your serving. If you are starting of from scratch or refining you should check out this book. It will give you some great tools in laying some ground work.

There is also a workbook that goes along with the book to implement some of the suggestions and tips Doug gives throughout out the book. The kit is designed to help you and your leadership team develop purpose in everything you do in your student ministry.

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What are some books you would consider in your top 5 for student ministry?

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