Small Groups: Recruiting Small Group Leaders

This week concludes our series on small groups. In this post we will look at a few ways that you can begin to recruit small group leaders.

Recruiting is always tough and sometimes can even feel impossible. Some of the tips that truly work from Creating A Lead Small Culture are:

1. Ask Current Small Group Leaders

In one of our VIP meetings I did asked our current leaders for some suggestions on future small group leaders. In like 5 minutes we came up with 1o names. It was the most productive way to candidates. The book mentioned that if you want more great small group leaders then ask the great small group leaders you have. It works too!

2. Look at the current volunteers you have

Maybe you have some great small group leaders in the midst of your volunteer core. What’s great about finding small group leaders from your volunteer core is you have seen them at work amongst your ministry. You should also have had the chance to get to know them and can determine if they will make a great small group leader. Some amazing small group leaders might be right under your nose.


Where Not To Find Small Group Leaders

1. Announcement In The Bulletin

Everyone is not going to be a good fit for being a small group leader. When you put an announcement in the bulletin you giving a broad welcoming for anyone to step up to the task. If you agree with the philosophy of A lead Small Culture and understands that some of the most critical roles in your ministry are small groups. Then your qualifications list needs to be high: are they personal, people persons, solid believer, do they love students, and are they called.

2. People who have said No

Sometimes we as leaders can become desperate and hard headed when it comes to recruiting. If a person you have approached appeared to be a great fit and their initial answer was No then you should leave it at that. If you have to twist a persons arm to serve as a small group leader then they won’t last and won’t give their small group  the leadership it deserves.



How are you recruiting Small Group Leaders ?

What Challenges to you face when recruiting ?

Originally posted 2015-02-25 10:22:25.