Better Perspective

Perspective is so important. Pharrell’s song “Happy” is all about perspective. I saw his interview the other day with Oprah and it made me think how powerful having a positive perspective really is. I hope you enjoy this clip as much as I did. In this powerful interview Pharrell talks about his famous song.

This video is powerful because it shows how much he believed in the message he was singing about in the song titled “Happy”. He even mentioned that at one moment the song was getting no play time and then all of a sudden it blew up. Talking about him having to live out his message.  The moment when he sees the impact of his song on so many across the world humbles him to tears.

The questions I asked myself after watching this video were.

1.How is my perspective for my blog ?

2. Do I really believe in the message that I am sending through the things I focus my blog about ?

I believe if I answer these questions the same as Pharrell answered them in his interview.

1.  I will become positive in my work and will be very passionate about the things and subjects I blog about.

2. Others will see the passions I have because it will be evident.

Pharrell really reminded me of the blessings that come with sharing the things that help you to help others. Like Pharrell when seeing your efforts help others you truly will be humbled and inspired to keep sharing your gifts and talents with others. So whatever you do make sure you have a positive perspective and that you give it your all. Believe in it and I bet others will believe it too.

I had to put his video up. Come on Now and clap along.

Originally posted 2014-04-16 13:32:29.