Feedly – A must Have

This week I wanted to share a must have app. I have found myself hooked to Feedly. Feedly replaces google reader and this is great since google reader is phasing out. Feedly will host about anything with some type of RSS link. The functionality of having all your favorite content in one place is just beautiful.



I find myself catching up on my interests a lot faster. Maybe you don’t even have or had google reader. If so, chances are your searching and spending hours on the internet absorbing content your interested in.

Feedly brings all your favorite content to you so you can view on your own time frame. Feedly takes the searching off your plate. Without thinking about it you can spend several hours a day watching funny youtube videos, google searching random info, and satisfying your interest. If you’re not a google reader or feedly user try clocking the amount of time you spend each day seeking and searching for content.

It will take some ground work adding feeds you are most interested in. Once your content is setup you’ll be off and running. Feedly also does a great job suggesting other related content you have subscribed to through feedly which makes it easier to deliver more great resources to your feed.

The great thing about feedly is it’s cross-platform. So if your reading content on your ipad or tablet and you have a doctor’s appointment you can simple jump on the iphone or smart phone and pick up right where you left off. There is also a desktop version through the web.

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Originally posted 2013-06-13 15:00:22.