Which is better Ibooks or Kindle?

Recently Apple just announced some changes that are coming to ibooks. With the whole deal with apple setting fixed prices with the book publishers is a whole other issue. I hope that through this article you may have some info that will help you make your final decision if you have not already. One of the benefits coming to ibooks readers will be having access to ibooks on the mac. Apple has really been behind kindle in this arena. Due to kindle being available on any device.


I have been back and forth on which ebook reader to land on but until recently I decided the kindle is the best choice. Some reasons I choose the kindle include.

1. Kindle is available on any device

This is really helpful especially if your changing up phones alot. I have been a iphone user since iphone 1 so I don’t see myself switching anytime soon but you never know. Having kindle this is not a issue since it is a cross platform program where ibooks can only work on mac products.

2. You can utilize the highlights and notes you make on a kindle

This brings me to the heart of the inspiration of this article. When I first came across this capability I was sold on the kindle app once and for all. Thanks to Michael Hyatt and his amazing blog article on exporting notes and highlights from kindle.I just had to share this amazing tip. The detailed steps are below.

1. Create your highlights as usual. This feature is different on each device. I find it easiest on Kindle for Mac or my iPad Mini.

2.Log into your unique Amazon Kindle page. Who knew you even had a unique Kindle page? It has a list of all your books, with links to the notes and highlights. You can even record your progress then rate the book. Your main page will look like this:3. Click on Your Books. This is at the top of your Kindle page. Choose this option instead of Your Highlights.4.It will narrow the display to notes and highlights for a specific book, once you select one. You should now see a page similar to this:5. Select the appropriate book. You can either search for it in the search bar at the top of the page or scroll down your list of books. Once you select a book, you will get a page that looks like this:6.View your notes and highlights. You will now need to click on the link that says, “You have XX highlighted passages …” in the top right-hand side of the page.7.Once you click it, you will see a page with all your highlights and notes. It will look like this:

This is so helpful if your writing blog articles it allows you to easily manage and access your information. This is a amazing feature. This alone has encouraged me to buy all future books through kindle. The standard paperback book allows you to make all the notes and highlights you want but they are not all in an easy accessible space like kindle app.


Hope you enjoy !

Do you use kindle or Ibooks as your primary ebook reader ?






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