As we approach Thanksgiving, I thought it would be an excellent opportunity to share some ways you can show appreciation to your volunteers and small group leaders. If you’re reading this post, you must be a person who values your volunteers. It can be challenging to find creative ways that don’t break the bank. In this post, we will look at the importance of showing appreciation to your small group leaders and volunteers. I will also give some practical ways you can show thankfulness.

Showing thankfulness should be valued in your organization or ministry.

When you effectively show your appreciation to volunteers you will see:

1. Committed Volunteers

Thank about the times you were appreciated. I know that as a pastor I value those times. I even have a file folder in my office that I place thank you notes and encouragements I’ve received. I go to that file folder during the times I feel unappreciated and every time it reminds me I’m appreciated. When times are tough to serve receiving appreciation gives you to push through and remain committed.The same is true for your volunteers and small group leaders. Thankfulness acknowledges people and gives them confidence that they are vital to what you’re doing. Thankfulness reminds volunteers that each time they show up it’s important. When you fail to show appreciation volunteers may begin to feel it doesn’t matter if they don’t show up.

2. Healthy Volunteers


When volunteers are always reminded that you appreciate them they serve and lead in a healthy manner.Thankfulness creates others to show appreciation, and it begins to create an atmosphere that is healthy and encouraging. Showing thankfulness reminds volunteers that they are vital to the ministry and organization. Thankfulness acknowledges the individual and tells them they have a purpose, and they are making a difference in the area they are serving.


3. More Volunteers

When you show thankfulness well, other people will notice especially when you show thankfulness publicly. If you show thankfulness regularly and effectively, this will be a great way to recruit other volunteers. People want to be a part of a great atmosphere that has a purpose. So when you show people you care and appreciate them you’re not only empowering that current volunteers you’re also recruiting.

When you provide health, thriving ministry, and purpose, you will become a recruiting powerhouse. When thankfulness is done effectively people will be drawn to your ministry and leadership.

18give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. 1 Thessalonians 5

Ways You Can Show Thankfulness Effectively

1. Plan A Volunteer Party

Create an event each year where you show your thankfulness to your volunteers. Creating an event where your goal is to show thankfulness intentionally creates an atmosphere of appreciation in your ministry or organization.The event will also show volunteers how you care and appreciate them. If you did not budget for this event, I would encourage you look at your budget for the year and find some areas you can cut to have some funds to budget for this event. Once you have a budget, begin to plan the night out with a schedule. Make the night fun! Some ways we have done this is to have a fiesta night we had tacos and even a mariachi band come. Depending on your budget determine the night. If you don’t have a lot of funds to pull this night off, don’t worry just get creative and keep in mind that you want this night to communicate you’re thankful. If you keep that in mind people will see beyond the budget that you are thankful for them

2. Create Reminders To Express Thankfulness

If you don’t keep a task list or a to do list as a leader you should consider stating a method. Two great tools I have found to help manage tasks are wunderlist free app and Omnifocus a paid app. When you think about leading a ministry or organization, you can become overwhelmed very easily. In ministry, it can be so complexed with all the different tasks that come with ministry. Maybe you have heard it said “It’s not the big things that get you it’s the small things” that’s so true. The little things matter, and when they are neglected, they will pile up and create problems in the future if neglected.

3. Create a form asking your volunteers their favorite candy, birthday, favorite verse and anniversary dates.

This will give you opportunities to express appreciation on the special days in their lives, and most all people love candy.

4. Plan times in services where you brag on your volunteers.

Whey you take the time to express your thankfulness to your small group leaders and volunteers from the platform it means a ton.

5. Encourage members of their small group or individuals to express their thankfulness for their small group leaders.

When small group leaders and volunteers hear from students or individuals they are serving how much it means to them it gives them a huge boost in encouragement.

Gift Ideas

1. Coffee Mug

2. Coffee Mug Filled With Candy

3. Tumblers

4. Lead Small Book – Link 

5. Group Picture Framed of Their Group

6. T-Shirt Of From Your Ministry

7. Devotional

8. Gift Cards

9. Share The Apprecations You Hear With Your Leaders


What ways are you showing your leaders appreciation effectively?

Originally posted 2015-11-25 11:23:13.