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There are so many things today that are being innovated at our disposal. The launching of the iphone opened the flood gates to innovation and invention with the developer api for apps. Apple is about to hit 50 billion downloads of apps. There really seems to be a app for everything. Innovation is powerful and has made me think about how innovation comes to be. When looking at innovation there seems to be a common denomonator in creating things. I have realized that this common denominator is frustration.
Frustration from using a product or doing a task and asking yourself why does it not do this or that. Some of the great innovators of our day have shared frustration to prompt their inventions.
Let’s look at just a few.

1.Steve Jobs was frustrated in a basic web browser for mobile so he created the iphone.
2.Eddison was tired of sitting in the dark and using candles so he created the light bulb.
3. Martin Luther Jr. Had a dream that invented one of History’s greatest speeches in history.
4. Wright Brothers first powered plane. I guess these guys were frustrated because birds could fly and they asked why can’t we.
5. Robert Kearns invented the powered wipers for cars. He even has a movie about his fight with car companies for stealing his idea. I guess he was frustrated with manually wiping the rain away and I am so glad he did. The movie is “Flash of Genius”.
6. Invisible Children. These guys went to Africa and saw some things that were unacceptable. This birthed frustration and burden. So these guys did something about it. Check them out

Frustration is motivation. You will not put up with being frustrated long, you’ll either quit or do something about it. What do you see in your life that is a nagging frustration? It might be trying to push you to invent something.

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