Which is better Xbox one or PS4


Which is better Xbox one or PS4 ?

In less than a month the Sony and Microsoft will begin their showdown to see which game station will hold the title as the best.

I am not a huge gamer and I mostly use my PS3 as a media hub for watching Netflix, and vudu for movies. Ever so often do I have an itch to play a game or two. After seeing the reviews and YouTube videos of the reveals of each system it peaks the interest. Wow! how far we have come from my beginning days in game consoles from the NES.

From a little research found from the video game sales tracking site VGChartz has assembled the latest pre-order numbers for the Sony PlayStation 4 and Xbox One from Microsoft in the United States.

According to VGChn the US alone, the PS4 has gained 125,000 pre-order unites since August 24th, 2013 through October 19th, 2013. That puts the PS4 at a total of 725,000 units pre-ordered in the US alone.

Microsoft’s Xbox One console has been catching up, adding 175,000 pre-order units in the same time period according to the site. That places the Xbox One at 525,000 pre-orders.”

IGN has put out an awesome little tech comparison chart the can found here http://www.ign.com/wikis/xbox-one/PS4_vs._Xbox_One_vs._Wii_U_Comparison_Chart

Looking at the comparison charts the hardware looks to be a tie as well.

From looking at the chart I have made some comparisons
Graphics – winner is PS4 Sony really beefed this area up

Price – Tie Ps4 comes in at $399 but you have to buy motion devices where Xbox one is priced at $499 with connect included

I am also late in the pre orders. There is no where online to pre-order a Xbox one or a PS4. I am kind of glad I have not pre ordered one since I have not made up my mind which I will go with. I am hoping to read some reviews on user experience after the first week to make my final decision.

In conclusion right now I would go with the Xbox one being it is so heavy with media.

What about you which system are you going with ? Why?


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