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Hello all, I am excited to start a new series each Friday to talk about fitness called Fitness Friday. By no means do I consider myself to be a fitness expert so all  the articles will just be  me sharing some info of findings of what’s  working for me.  So I introduce you to Fitness Fridays! This will be a place to share tips I am finding helpful in the fitness world. I am hoping that it will also create some collaboration from others where I too can learn. Fitness Fridays will consist of great workouts, workout tools, diets, healthy recipes and supplement suggestions.


For the first fitness Friday entry I wanted to take the time to share about a awesome workout plsm I have fallen in love with. One day I found myself looking on the internet searching for a new workout routine. I landed on some youtube videos that were talking about the spartacus workout which was produced by means health. What really caught my eye was the science behind the workout. From the info the videos were sharing they begin to completely shatter my views of typical workouts I came to know.

The spartacus workout is a circuit workout that consist of 10 exercises with 60 second intervals and 15 seconds of rest for three rounds. The spartan workout only requires 15 lbs dumbbells or your personal preference. According to the video I watched circuit workouts work your body at such a intense speed that it allows your body’s metabolism to work much harder. When the metabolism works harder the body burns more fat. Before being enlightened by the spartan workout and circuit training I would spend hours in the gym. I would workout for about a hour doing the standard movements for chest, bi’s, tri’s, back and then hit the treadmill for a run.


With my prior exercise routine I felt very confident that I could approach the spartacus workout with 15lbs dumbbells with no problem. Boy was I wrong! As I started the workout I could not even do the full 60 seconds of any movement. I would catch myself stopping around the 40 second marker drenched in sweat. I was spent!  When completing the workout there were puddles of sweat around me. Being shocked with the intensity of the workout it pushed me to get better at it.


The 15 lbs dumbbells are plenty enough weight for me. This has really surprised me  because I do not consider myself to be a small frame. I weigh about 195 pounds and I’m about 5’9.   It seems the workout builds muscle in a natural way where the routines all complement each other.  For about three months now the spartan workout has been my routine  for 2 t0 3 times a week. I have noticed some benefits too.



1. Stronger Muscles – I have noticed this mostly in everyday tasks. For example I was working with my Father in law to build a pergola. During the build I noticed when carrying lumber I felt stronger. This feeling motivated me to jump up on the top board of the pergola to do some pull ups. Before the spartan workout I would need assistance doing pull ups on with the machine at the gym.  On that day I  hammered out 10 no problem. The spartacus workout has made me surprisingly stronger.


2. More Endurance – I can tell now that I do not get tired as easliy when using muscles.


3. Improved my running – I love to run and since starting the spartacus workout I have noticed a huge difference. I really believe that the leg portion of the workout has helped my running significantly.


4. Faster Metabolism – I have noticed that this because of my weight loss. I eat more and still keep the weight off. Since starting I have lost close to 20lbs.


5. Belly fat – I have noticed a significant loss in my core section. Out of all the years of working out I have never seen this area to improve as much as it has with the spartan workout.


6. Saves me time – This workout can be done in 30 minutes. The workout is also for the entire body. It has changed my philosophy of working out. It doesn’t take hours at the gym to get in shape and build muscle.  The spartacus workout’s  laser focused intensity teamed with the right workouts is far better than the norm when hitting the weights. It has inspired me to listen more to my body and even modify the workout with different routines.


7. More freedom in workouts – What I mean here is if I am traveling or just want to workout in my backyard with the spartan workout I can. All I need is some 15 lbs dumbbells, could even use a resistance band or even with no weights at all.


I am sold with the spartan workout and never see myself going back to my old methods of working out. If your skeptical like me all the different workouts that claim to do this or that could encourage you not to try it. With the spartan workout you have nothing to lose its a free workout and no money is needed to try. So grab yourself some dumbbells or a resistance band or even no weights at all to start. Lastly you will want to download the app and see if it works for you.


The spartan workout can be found free on the men’s health app.


For Iphone


Lastly I wanted to include the videos that I found about the workout that really inspired me to try the spartan workout. I hope you enjoy.


The first video shows the basics of the spartacus workout.


This video explains how the body turns into a fat burning machine doing spartacus workout.



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