The Power Of Journaling

About a year ago I started journaling and it has been such a blessing. I have always heard that journaling is a great habit to form but to be honest I thought it was for girls. I remember old 80 movies where movies would have scenes of girls guarding their diary’s with their lives.

Ways you can benefit from journaling

1. A history and record of your dreams
Journaling is a great way to record dreams you may have. It can also be a record of how you’ve accomplished those dreams.

2. A motivation and free pep talk
Journaling is a great way to record your struggles or challenges. Looking back at your journal and rereading the victories you had over previous hardships can encourage you when facing those new challenges.

3. A time capsule of your life

I have only been keeping a consistent journal now for about a year. How cool will it be to see a journal that has been keep for twenty to forty years. I have grown to love journaling.

Do you keep a journal ?

If so what tools do you use ?

Lastly what has been the greatest benefits from keeping a journal to you?