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Recently I picked up the four hour body by Tim Ferriss. The main take away for me was the slow carb diet. The info covered in the book was very through and the research makes a lot of sense. So let’s break it down.



The slow carb diet consist of five rules.

1. Do not eat any white carbs
2. Do not eat any fruit

3. Do not drink your carbs

In the 4 hour body Tim explains how artificial sugars are worse than sugar. The best method on this diet is to drink plenty of water and unsweetened tea or Coffee.

Tip: Add some cinnamon to your coffee for added taste.

4. Eat the same meal for six days

5. Have one cheat meal day

Tip: During the week Tim suggest writing down your cravings as they hit so you can have them on your cheat day.

Tim breaks it down also to what foods you can eat to simplify the diet.



Here’s a sample food list.

(For 2 people – 1 week)
12 cans Black Beans (19fl oz/540ml)
6 cans White Kidney Beans
6 cans Lentils
2 bags frozen mixed garden veg (750g/1.9 pounds) – green,white beans, baby carrots
2 bags frozen green beans (1kg/2.3 pounds)
1 cauliflower head
1 broccoli head
5 boxes of chopped spinach (300g)
extra lean ground beef (500g/1.6lb)
steak (500g/1.6lb)
sliced turkey x4 250g = 1kg (2.3 lb)
sliced ham x4 x250g = 1kg (2.3 lb)
1 block butter
2 packets (400g) turkey bacon – extra lean (just 1 g fat per slice)
3x 12 eggs
2x egg whites mini cartons
lemon juice bottle
We already have:
frozen chicken breast
frozen fish (salmon) fillets
2 large packets baby carrots
lemon juice
lots of great spices and herbs

Meal Help Resources

I found these links while doing some research to prepare. I plan on using some of the meals provided by these two links. I really like the pinterest board!

Slow Carb Diet Meal Plans – Pinterest

28 Days of Slow-Carb Meal Plans Just For You




Body Fat

Tim claimed people have lost hundreds of pounds doing the slow carb diet. In my case I am more interested in reducing my body fat. Tim keeps his body fat around 10 %. In the four hour body book he breaks down body percentages to the point of when you see your abs which is 10%. Below are the charts from the 4 hour body site.

Download as Excel Worksheet | FOR MEN | FOR WOMEN |4 hour body fat composition link 4 Hour Body and The Elusive Body Fat: How do you Measure Up?


Step II. Estimate your body-fat (BF%) based on the “Eyeballing It” slider (or use the above Excel spreadsheet with skinfold calipers)

What should your body fat goals be?

The American Council on Exercise uses the following categories based on percentage of body fat:

Essential Fat Table 4 Hour Body and The Elusive Body Fat: How do you Measure Up?

Tim Ferriss Four Hour Body: Body Fat Goals

For Men:

4 hour body fat composition 4 Hour Body and The Elusive Body Fat: How do you Measure Up?

For Women:

4 hour body fat composition women 4 Hour Body and The Elusive Body Fat: How do you Measure Up?


Step III. Choose the Best Tool and Schedule a Session

  • If your over 30% body-fat, avoid calipers and use DEXA, BodPod, or ultrasound, in that order.
  • If you are under 25%, still aim for DEXA, BodPod, or ultrasound.
  • If you cannot find these opt for calipers with a qualified professional and request the 3-point or 7-point Jackson Pollock Algorithm.

Professional Resources:

  • BODPOD: Use this site to find BodPod assessment centers
  • BodyMetrix: Hand-held device uses ultrasound to measure body composition down the the millimeter.
  • Find DEXA: About $49 use this to find a local center.



The body fat section really got me pumped up. I have never seen my abs ever. This diet claims to accomplish this and I am willing to try it. I plan on starting the diet on Monday along with a buddy of mine. My current weight is 196.4 at 25% body fat my goal is to be at 10%. I will log and journal my progress. Wish me luck!



For more info on the slow carb diet visit



Book link





What is your experience on the slow card diet if any?






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