WWDC 2013 Did Apple Deliver

I can’t believe I’m a day behind with this update but I guess late is better than never. Yesterday apple released its awaiting updates for the iPhone and computer products. My question is did they deliver?


In my opinion this was a big step for apple after Steve Jobs passed. Apple’s critics have wondered could they keep the innovation coming. The keynote starts out with a crisp clean video setting the mood for what apple would reveal. Apple starts right out with amazing numbers and the success for its developers. Apple has taking its innovation by inviting the world to take their developer program to create incredible apps. Enough off that let’s get to the new updates. It’s truly making a world of innovators.


Apple starts off saying goodbye to the cats and hello to the maverick. With the focus on the power user giving better battery management and a more powerful finder. The first new feature is Tagging. You can add tags to your docs making the easy to find. Welcome to the club apple tagging is nothing new to a lot of apps you may use. This will be a great feature for quick organization of all your docs and productivity on projects.

Multi Displays
Next was multiple displays. Tons of features  to customize your dock,menus and info windows across displays. Air display now allows you to use any connected device to serve as a full functioning display. This is really awesome because your Apple TV can now be a functional extension of you computer. It’s like having a second computer too bad you can’t use it same time.

Battery and Processing management
Apple really thought on this one smart. It manages how the computer sleeps and wakes. The best I can explain this one is it takes away redundant or unnecessary work loads for the computer. On a side note this makes sleep way the MacBook functions like crap on the no sleep app.

Accelerated scrolling 
60 frames a second
A lot smoother so hopefully no more lagging scrolls.


Integrated social media
Power saving
Improved java script
Uses less memory and less energy

What this means to us is it will browse a lot faster.

App nap

Uses memory the smart way. When your on an application it pushes all the power of the processor and idles the rest.

icloud keychain
Stop forgetting your log ins and payment settings

notification center
More functions right in notification center. The deal here was they gave you functionality this should have had months ago.

Weather and location awareness to thank we final got this and it’s 2013 ! Suggests restaurants and travel times.

Is now on the Mac send directions from you mac to your iPhone. Boy does it need all the help it can get not on looks but accuracy.

Is finally on the Mac this is another app they were behind the 8 ball on. Textbook features is the hit here. You can bookmark, add notes and then export those to study cards. As far as personal reading no notes I will stick with kindle for my personal reading on this one. I love  the  access  of notes and highlights for reviews with iBooks not being able to do this is a bummer for me.

MacBook Air

More battery life with a whopping 9 hours for 11 inch and 12 on the 13 inch. Base station to serve as an extender for wifi and  can be used as an external hard drive.

Mac Pro

A whole new design no more big box. Wow apple cracked jokes back at their critics with this one claiming they are still the king of innovation this deal looks like a space ship. All specs here. This dude is fast.


The main emphasis here from apple was iWork integration. This was available as far as files before but now the entire apps from iWork work on the cloud. This is great for iOS and making docs available anywhere. It also works on a pc. Available as of yesterday to developers.

iOS 7 the biggest anticipation

The focus here was a new but familiar interface. The new interface is super clean and with a ton of functionality. Apple claimed it is the biggest update yet to come to the iPhone.


The design is just beautiful. The new design can be  described as AWARE it’s aware of its surroundings and elements off the entire phone. The screen actually responds to motion.

I think apple has really identified its design it just makes sense with the cleanness of the hardware design of the iPhone.

> When something is designed to work beautifully, it tends to look that way, too.

Now animated screens also incorporated in weather

Fills the entire screen looks 100% better

notification center
Available in the lock screen thank you apple.

10 new features

control center
Swipe up to change airplay,airport,bluetooth,wifi and even a flashlight. It’s about time we got this one.

multitasking for all apps
Learns you frequency of apps and preps them. Adapts according to network availability to update apps.

Full screen looks amazing. Pull down from top to search. Really takes advantage of the full display. Shared lists see links from your twitter friends based on your search.

tap view

– more social

– reading list is now able to be viewed in continuos mode

Available on the Mac already. Maybe I will use this more now. You don’t have too bumb your phone to share a file… nice little joke from apple to their friends at samsung. I’m very interested to see what all you can airdrop.

Photos now organize into collections based on location and dates. This makes it so much easier to interact with your photos. This will be nice to have organization. It’s like a amazing photo journal. No more having to edit with filters outside of the camera. Great share options including twitter,Facebook. I didn’t hear them say instagram I guess we will have to wait to find out.

Better voices and she is not the only voice there is a man’s voice you can choose. They claim it’s a lot smarter we’ll have to wait to see. The big update with siri is  the siri integration with cars.

Apps based on location for popularity
No more manual updates finally!

Awesome landscape view swipe through your album art.

iTunes radio

 iTunes Radio on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, PC, or Apple TV. You’ll have access to Featured Stations, stations inspired by the music you already listen to, and more than 200 genre-focused stations — including everything from Hard Rock to Doo Wop. Your stations evolve based on the music you play and download. So the more you use iTunes Radio and iTunes, the more iTunes Radio knows what you like to listen to — and the more personalized your experience becomes.

It’s easy to create and customize stations based on whatever you want to hear. Pick any artist, song, or genre, and iTunes Radio instantly builds a station around it. Listening to a song you like from iTunes Radio or your music library? You can have a station built around it, too. And while listening, you can make adjustments by tapping Play More Like This or Never Play This Song. You can even control the balance between playing the hits and discovering new songs. To add or delete stations, just go to Edit Stations. That’s also where you can select artists, songs, and genres you want to hear more of or none of.

Start a station.
Choose an artist, song, or genre to kick off an all‑new station.

Edit on the fly.
Add music to your stations, build new ones, and adjust the mix while you listen.

Apple is way behind the eight ball here Spotify has owned this market and I bet apple has felt it. So glad to see them offer this. Free with ads and with a iTunes Match account you get no ads. http://www.apple.com/itunes/itunes-match/

What sets them apart from others:
– on Apple TV
– iTunes Radio can tell you what songs are trending on Twitter
– It will be built into iOS 7, so it’s accessible from the iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad
– price (Match is $25 a year) Spotify is $108 a year

As the world’s most popular music store, iTunes has access to thousands of new songs every week. And you’ll hear some of that music on iTunes Radio before you hear it anywhere else. Whether it’s an exclusive track from an up-and-coming band or a pre-release of the next big hit, iTunes Radio has you covered.

I am an avid Spotify user and the determining factor for me to come back to iTunes for my music needs via iTunes radio will be the option to listen to whole albums like on spotify. I  bet won’t be able to since iTunes is a huge money-maker for apple. They will give you sneaks of albums and urge to listen more from that album to buy it.

What about the other updates we all thought were Coming?

Many thought Apple would release a cheaper version of the iPhone in many new colors but apple did not speak to this so no new hardware for the iPhone. I am sure that Apple will release come the fall. Apple’s website hints at this with some of the colorful iPhones. Also there was no mention of a watch on this event that most anticipated Apple jumping in the arena to combat the pebble.

So do you thank apple delivered?